Resnick Boxing Presents:
War at the Armory - May 7th, 2009
Power Trip Arena @ The Main Street Armory

Bout 1 (4 rounds - Welterweight):
Dwayne 'The Touch of Sleep' Hardaway vs.Ruslan Khayrtoinov

Bout 2 (4 rounds - Super Middleweight):
Nick 'Machine Gun' Brinson vs. Vernon 'The Silent Assassin' Richardson

Bout 3 (4 rounds - Welterweight):
Willie Monroe vs. Torrence 'The Incomparable Chameleon' King

Bout 4 (6 rounds - Middleweight):
Marcus 'The Beast' Hall vs. Jason 'Flatbush' Thompson

Bout 5 (6 rounds - Featherweight):
Ela 'Bam Bam' Nunez vs. Adawirky 'La Tigra' Lopez

Bout 6 (6 rounds - Lightweight):
Miguel 'El Bajeeto' Rodriguez vs. Guillermo 'The Vampire' Sanchez