Tips For Best Results 

  • Layering is an easy way to accomplish a variety of looks during your session. Scarves, jackets and cardigans make perfect layering pieces.
  • Try on your complete outfits before you come in for your session.
  • Bring a variety of colors and vary the style of your outfits. Vary the dress level also. Bring some dressy, some dressy-casual, and some casual.
  • Earth tones make a great choice for outdoor portraits.
  • Darker colors work well for traditional portraiture as well as portraying a serious attitude. Lighter colors are great for a more casual and playful look.
  • Solid colors are more flattering and less distracting than bold prints or stripes.
  • Consult with a parent before making outfit choices. Your sessions allows for unlimited outfit changes within your time period, so bring outfits that YOU like as well as some your mom likes.
  • Change fast! If you spend too much time changing you will have less time in front of the camera.
  • Hands will show in many images. Guys, take a minute to trim and clean your nails. Girls, a French manicure looks great!
  • Avoid cutting your hair right before your session. Give fresh haircuts and styles a week or two before your session.
  • Eyeglasses can cause reflection and distortion. Consider borrowing a pair of empty frames from your optician, or have the lenses removed prior to your session to avoid extra artwork charges and allow us to use the most flattering lighting.
  • To avoid "hat hair" don't wear a hat to your session; bring it along, however, so we can use it in a few poses.
  • If you wear braces, then they are as much a part of you as your hairstyle or the clothes you wear. Don't be self conscious about smiling! You could have the tops removed for your session. It is cheaper and much more realistic to remove them then having us retouch your braces out of your portraits if desired.
  • We retouch blemishes, so don't worry about minor breakouts. Use concealer on any facial blemishes to minimize their appearance. Any extensive blemishes, sun tan, glass glare, scars, etc. will require an additional retouching fee.
  • Clothing looks better when neatly pressed. Iron your shirts and bring them on hangers to avoid retouching charges.


  • Because hair and make-up play such an important role in your photographs, we encourage you to consider working with a professional stylists. If you would also like a stylist at your session, please inquire for details.
  • Your makeup should be natural with a bit of color to accent your best facial features. Avoid frosted or "shimmer" makeup.
  • Makeup will enhance your appearance, smooth out your skin tones, and give your skin a polished look.
  • Makeup should only be slightly heavier than normal, like what you wear when going out in the evening. A good matte foundation will give your skin a satin-like texture. Mascara should be clean and contain no clumps. Wearing lip gloss or lipstick will keep your lips from looking dry or rough.
  • Make your eyes really stand out by matching your clothing with your eye color.
  • If jewelry is what you normally wear, a few simple pieces are all you need to accent your look.
  • Solid color clothing works better than patterns or stripes, and keeps the attention focused on your face. V-necks and diagonally cut clothing tend to be more slimming.
  • Spaghetti straps or sleeveless tops can draw extra attention to your shoulders and arms as well as making hiding bra straps difficult.
  • Underwear – most of the time, you can't see it, but it could be the most overlooked part of your outfits. Make sure your bra is well-fit and the proper color and style for wearing beneath your clothing choices.
  • Avoid sunburns and tan lines. These can not always be corrected, and will result in additional retouching charges.
  • Nails show! If the polish is chipped, it will show. Many casual shots are done barefoot, so don't forget about those toes!



  • A fresh shave is a must. However, don't irritate your face by switching from an electric razor to a blade, or vice-versa in the few days prior to your session.
  • Shoes will show in some poses; they should complement your clothing. Be prepared to go barefoot in a few poses as well!


Things You May Wish To Bring:

  • Sports - uniforms and equipment of all kinds
  • Hobbies - musical instruments, theatre garb, art projects / supplies, hunting / fishing gear, etc.
  • Miscellaneous - pets, vehicles, sunglasses, hats
  • Friends or parents are welcome.


On Your Session Date:

Please arrive promptly to your scheduled session time. Maximize your time in front of the camera by being dressed and ready upon arrival.